Why My Child?

Which camp for my child?  
What does the Chip Boes Camp offer
What can I expect at Championship Camp? 

These are all good questions that are often asked to me. If you are a parent or guardian who has a child that has never attended our camp, please allow me to brag a little about why we have been so successful over the past 34 years. In no particular order:

  • On site director (Chip Boes) from the time the first child arrives and until the last child is picked up.
  • An attentive adult staff that wants to be there. Our staff has been part of our camp anywhere from 30 years to over 5 years. Be cautious of sending your child to programs that rely on school age student help. It has been my experience that there is a huge drop off in supervision and instruction with student help.
  • A balance between structured instruction portion of the camp (parent expectation) and supervised play/fun portion(camper expectation). We achieve both.
  • Strong emphasis on individual skill development. All drills are selected and taught in a manner that the child can continue to do the same activity at home if he or she chooses. Focus is on the individual player development.
  • A 3 hr and 30 min half day basketball camp works best. Campers stay sharp, staff stays focused and we don’t have wasted fill time. In 3.5 hours a day we’ll meet all their physical and basketball needs while they remain attentive and eager to return the next day.
  • Peer grouping. In any given camp, we have three camps(NBA,SEC,ACC) participating at one time within their own age and experience levels.
  • Parents always welcome. We have no secrets. Feel free to come and go as you please. I highly recommend that you come observe some of our drills and work with your child at home. Championship 8 and Competition Games have become legendary activities.
  • Age appropriate balls and goals in a recently remodeled, air conditioned, self contained facility. During camp hours we are the only activity at the center.